Lyrics for Solid Gold.

Alf Soul*

it was oh so many years ago,
there was a girl, I loved her so,
then that girl, she moved away,
I don't know why she couldn't stay,

years went by, some good some bad,
sometimes happy, sometimes sad,
and all the girls, and all the fun,
never forgot, that very first one,
then today I saw her walking down the street,
looked so good from her head right down to her feet,
makes no difference that she is a little old
'cause time and tide can never tarnish solid gold,

I called her name, she turned around,
she told me she was back in town,
I smiled at her, she smiled at me,
now I'm as happy as can be,

Guitar solo

'cause today I saw her walking in the street,
she looked good from her head right down to her feet,
and she don't care if I've got a little old,
'cause time and tide can never tarnish solid gold,

it was oh so many years ago,
there was a girl, I loved her so,
but now that she is back with me,
well I'm as happy as can be,
yeah I'm as happy as can be.

Song Facts

Alf Soul

Alf Soul is a pseudonym. Everybody in the band contributed something to the writing of the song so we wanted to include everybody's name. But that would take up too much space on a disc so we might end up using Alf Soul it depends.

The lyrics were written by Olli Tooley (that's me folks).

Thursday 28th September 2011 at our regular rehearsal The Honeycombs collectively decided which songs to record, and then practiced them until we could do them on our heads. We were due to go into the studio starting on Thursday 6th October to record five tracks but we still didn't have an original song. I finally got to work on an idea that had been brewing for weeks, and set about trying to write it as retro and as simple as possible so that we could shoehorn it into the session. By that evening there was pressure to change one of the tracks and a flurry of emails went back and forth. This was supported by everybody in the band except me.
They wanted to record Love In Tokyo, I wanted to keep This Too Shall pass Away. In the end I threatened (jokingly) to quit the band, and then suggested a compromise. We would record all the five songs we had agreed on as well as two more, Love In Tokyo, AND Solid Gold.

It took weeks of thinking about writing the lyrics and approximately half an hour of actual work to write. If any of my old English teachers ever read this it will come as no surprise at all.
I was aiming for retro and especially catching the feel of sixties British Invasion beat music. I also deliberately wrote a monosyllabic chorus that would fit a stomping beat, like certain other songs that may be quite familiar.

The melody was half thought out but nothing concrete. I went round to Martin Murray's house on Friday 29th September and we spent anotehr half hour working on the music and structure Martin Murray is responsible for at least 95% of the tune.
I say we spent half an hour working. I was there for nearly two hours but most of the time was spent mucking about and telling funny stories.

The following Thursday we recorded live guide tracks for - Walk in The Room, It's So Hard, Let Me Go Lover, Love In Tokyo, Something I've Got To Tell you, This Too Shall Pass Away, and the new song Solid Gold.
It took ten minutes to outline the chords to Lee and Chris. Jim caught the rhythm and after a few quick plays through we went for a take. I don't recall how many times we did it but it wasn't many.

Before the first day was done we were working on the individual drum parts, and my biggest regret is that none of us thought to add Leslie Ann to the list of songs. We just never expected to have everything done so quickly and it didn't occur to anyone that we had time for another track.

After that first session we were all humming the tune for Solid Gold and we knew we had a "hit" at least in potentia.
The track will be available as soon as the final mastering is completed and members of the mailing list will get the first high quality MP3 version as soon as it is available.
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